Metabolism is defined as the total amount of energy required for each of our physiological actions. Basically, the number of calories we need to function.
Your metabolism is actually broken down into 5 areas. You have more control over 3 of those areas and that’s where you can boost your metabolism by…
1. Eat protein.
Eating food requires energy. It takes your body more energy to digest and absorb protein than it does carbs or fat. This is estimated to burn around 10% of the total amount of calories you burn in a day.
So, make sure to include protein at every meal including snacks.
2. Exercise.
All exercise is not created equal. Different exercise modes have different effects on how many calories you burn.
High intensity exercise (kettlebells!) burns a modest amount of calories during the activity. However, after exercise, your metabolism remains elevated for minutes to hours.
Low intensity, long duration exercise (bike ride) burns more energy during the activity. However, after the activity, your metabolism returns quickly to where it was before you started exercising.
3. Lead an active lifestyle
This doesn’t mean workout intensely everyday, but you can’t just sit all day long either.
Gentle movement like walking or stretching raises your metabolism. Performing yard work, playing with your kids and/or pets or taking the stairs at work are all ways you can boost your metabolism.
So, which one of these three areas can you improve?