If you want to win at anything, including fitness and weight loss, then you have to repeat a two-step process every day.
First, you must decide what you want.
Second, you must take action to reach it.
Every day. Over and over. As part of your ongoing lifestyle.
Want some foolproof ways to win? Here are seven of the best.
1. Set specific goals. No goal is too small or too big.
2. Examine how you spend your time, and make tweaks to improve it. All the time.
3. Learn from setbacks, and then move on.
4. Surround yourself with other winners. Learn from them. Help them in return.
5. Read books – including some that are about your goal (like healthy living, for instance), and others that are not.
6. Write down your feelings and what triggers them in a journal. Look for patterns. Then look for ways to break them.
7. Act like a winner. Talk like a winner. Think of yourself as a winner.
Just wanting something won’t do the trick. Just talking about it won’t either.
Make a decision. Take the action. WIN.
Would love to hear how this sits with you!