90-Day Kettlebell Transformation Program

The difference between reaching your goals and feeling stuck comes down to support + strategy.

I’ll be supporting you week-by-week. And take you through the exact steps I’ve used to help my clients lose 15, 25 and even 60 pounds.

Trying to figure it out on your own is frustrating and overwhelming.

Do you know what to eat after your workout to lose weight? Do you know how to put together the right exercises to promote weight loss while using the right form?

My client, Jeff, wanted to lose weight but wasn’t sure how-to workout with his kettlebell to produce the changes he wanted to see.

He thought running a few times a week would help him shed some pounds, but he never saw a difference. He tried doing some workouts he used to do in college but wasn’t sure he was even doing anything productive.

Jeff was frustrated and ashamed of how much weight he had gained. That’s when he reached out to me and scheduled some time to chat.

He joined my 90-Day Kettlebell Transform Program and right away received workouts designed to burn calories and build lean muscle using just one kettlebell.

We worked on his form, and he immediately felt stronger!

He made some small changes to his diet. And the combination of healthier food choices and consistent workouts had Jeff tightening his belt another notch!

I’m proud to say that Jeff lost 15 pounds and is now a member of my Advanced Kettlebell Program.

Do you want results like Jeff? If so, here’s how we can work together…

After teaching adults’ kettlebells for a decade, I’ve noticed most people don’t know where to start, what to eat and how to use the right form. My program is different because we start with the basic kettlebell exercises, work on proper form, and learn what foods to put on your plate – which other programs leave out. As a result, you get stronger and leaner.

The reason you need to do this now is because I only accept a limited number of qualified men and women into this program. If you want your spot, click here to schedule your free discovery call with me right now.

Results From Real Clients...