My History With Kettlebells...

About Ryan Jankowitz

I’m vertically challenged (I’m only 5’7”) and I was very self-conscious about that growing up. I used weightlifting as a way to boost my self-confidence and I also wanted to look good with my shirt off. As I got more into weightlifting and became stronger, my body changed, and I felt more confident in social situations.

It felt good when people took notice. I quickly became a gym rat and would spend over an hour working out 5-6 days/week. It was something I truly enjoyed in college and in my early 20’s. I became obsessed with this way of life and it started to affect my social life.

I was skipping meals out with my friends because I didn’t want to lose my progress, so I would stay home and eat my chicken and broccoli. I ate and trained like a bodybuilder for years and this lifestyle gradually wore me out. I felt like I was spending so much time working out and eating such a strict diet that I was missing out on life.

Luckily, I was introduced to kettlebells and had an “Aha” moment. I was able to cut my weekly workout time in half with this amazing tool. I could accomplish total body workouts in a fraction of the time while still seeing great results! Kettlebells resonated with my soul and spoke to the athlete inside of me that laid dormant from years of “arms & abs” or “leg” day.

My next “Aha” moment came when I got certified as a nutritionist. I was able to go out and eat dinner with friends and go on dates without fear of losing my progress because I learned how to truly eat healthy wherever I went.

I consider myself very fortunate to have earned my Level 2 Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC II) and Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification. Now I want to share my knowledge with YOU and help you reach your goals.