Holidays are full of contradictions.

Take Thanksgiving.

On the one hand, I sincerely appreciate all of the amazing things in my life, which include the endless bounty of food choices today’s Americans/Canadians enjoy.

On the other hand, national tradition and commercialism tell me that the way to express my gratitude is to stuff my face with as much turkey, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie as possible.

Has gratitude become an excuse for gluttony?

Ugh -I hope not – and I say this as someone who is powerless over certain delicious holiday foods, so I’m not judging anyone.

But overindulgence is never a virtue. It’s healthier to enjoy any Big Meal in moderation than over-indulgence. And it might be a richer spiritual and social occasion to focus on health, happiness, and freedom — than on passing out in front of the football game.

  • Tell your Mom you love her.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Start a family Scrabble game.

The day after Thanksgiving, you can ease back into your life, exercise, and feel grateful for all your blessings – including the judgment to know when to walk away from the table!

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