Some people find nutrition confusing because there’s so much info out on the web that it can be overwhelming.
In my opinion, the first step in improving your nutrition, so that you can lose weight and look great, is to become aware of the foods that you are eating.
Knowing what you are putting into your body will allow you to start making healthier food choices faster.
So, when you are buying food at the grocery store start to look at the nutrition label and get into the habit of doing this. You may not understand everything right away, but you’ll start to have a better understanding of what’s going into your body.
Two things you can look out for now and start to avoid are:
1. Sugar or Added Sugar
2. Trans Fat
Too much sugar is horrible for your body on so many different levels, but how does it affect weight loss?
Research has shown that people who consume excess sugar weigh more. One reason for this is that excess sugar will cause your fat cells to become inflamed and release chemicals that increase weight.
Sugar also contains calories. Four calories per gram to be exact. So, if you eat something that has 20 grams of sugar, then that’s an extra 80 calories.
Basically, avoid sugary foods at all costs to improve your health and lose weight.
What about trans fat?
Trans fat raises your bad cholesterol (LDL) and lowers your good cholesterol (HDL), which can lead to a higher risk of heart disease, stroke and type II diabetes.
Trans fat also contains a lot of calories per gram. One gram of trans fat contains 9 calories, so if you eat something that has 20 grams of trans fat, then you’re taking in 180 calories!
Eating foods rich in trans fat has been shown to increase fat around your stomach even when calories are controlled.
So, if you want to truly lose weight, then start looking at the nutrition labels of the foods you’re buying.
If it has added sugar or lots of sugar and trans fat, then find a healthier alternative. Your body will thank you for this!
Will this information help you make healthier food choices? I’d love to know.