Before a new client starts a kettlebell program with me, we always schedule an initial consultation.
This allows us to create a connection, talk about their goals and see if my online kettlebell programs will work for them.
Everyone wants to make changes to their health and fitness.
Some people want to get stronger.
Some people want to lose weight.
Some people want to improve their form, so their back stops hurting.
And some people realize that if they don’t make the appropriate changes, then their life may be cut short due to poor health.
Maybe they’re tired of taking medications for high blood pressure or poor cholesterol levels.
Maybe they had a health scare personally or in their family and mortality is staring them in the face.
Or maybe they want to be able to keep up with their kids and watch them grow up into adults.
If you feel like you need to do something for your health so you can stay on this planet longer, then here’s the best piece of advice I can offer you.
It’s possible to adopt new healthier habits.
It’s possible to get off medications.
It’s possible to lose weight.
It’s possible to add years to your life.
It doesn’t have to be big and bold. Start small and do one positive thing for your health each day.
Over time those small positive actions add up to big results.
You just need to start TODAY!
If you’re not sure where to start, then here are simple ideas you can do today:
– Take a 20 minute walk – you’ll burn calories and improve your mood
– Order your kettlebell right NOW because it may take a few weeks to get to you
– Drink more water because without it you die
– Replace unhealthy snacks with fruit
– Find 5 minutes of quiet time for yourself
– Download a free workout program
– Eat slowly
– Eat smaller portions
– Find a coach who you trust and ask for help
If you’ve been looking to make changes to your health, which one of these actions can you do right NOW?