IMAGINE if there was a form of exercise that could build lean muscle and shed fat.
Most people believe that lifting weights makes them bulky.
This is simply not true.
Yes, lifting weights does build muscle. Muscle is only lean as there’s no such thing as fat muscle.
Muscle also burns calories, so it helps to raise your metabolism.
It takes years of gut busting effort to add muscle mass and purposefully bulk up.
So, where does this idea that lifting weights “bulks” you up come from?
Adding size of any kind, whether it’s fat or muscle, is a result of the foods you eat.
If you eat a diet high in fatty foods with lots of carbohydrates (unhealthy), then you will put on fat.
You will put on fat even if you lift weights because you can’t out exercise a bad diet.
You can also purposefully put on muscle mass by carefully monitoring your diet and eating lots of protein, timing when you eat carbs and watching out for how much fat you consume.
This can be tedious and it takes tremendous effort.
If you simply lifted weights and ate a sensible diet, lots of veggies and fruit with lean protein, then you will lose fat and chisel out a lean physique over time.
Allow yourself to experience the benefits of lifting weights – shed fat, build muscle, more strength, more confidence.
I’ve never heard anyone complain about being too strong.