One of the biggest phrases I’m constantly hearing from people is one that steals your dreams and is just a lie we tell ourselves.

“I need to get my ducks in a row.”

Before I get healthy.

Before I start my business.

Whatever the case may be, that dream-killing phrase is never the truth.

Because you’re always ready before you think that you are.

That phrase simply buys time, and it’s a sneaky form of procrastination that will keep you stuck indefinitely.

You will NEVER have your “ducks in a row.”

It’s just another way of saying “when the timing is perfect,” which we also know isn’t a real thing.

I wanted to highlight this today so that the next time you or someone you love utters this naughty little phrase of lies, you can recognize it.

Call yourself or your loved one out.

Own the truth – the truth that the only solution is action anyway.

And you’ll all be better for it.

You feel me?

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