If your unhealthy food cravings are preventing you from reaching your weight loss goal, please keep reading.
Some people who join my 90-Day Kettlebell Transformation Program confess that one of the things they struggle with is how to eat healthy. Specifically, they can’t control food cravings.
They feel frustrated when they give in to their cravings because their hard work goes down the drain when they continually splurge.
They feel ashamed that they can’t control their cravings and they give in so easily.
They’re just not sure what to do about it and often times don’t do anything, so things just stay the same.
The good news is that there are strategies you can use to counter unhealthy food cravings.
These are strategies I use personally and that my clients have had success with.
Here are 3 tried and true strategies to help you control your cravings.
1. When a craving arises, replace unhealthy food with healthy food.
If you feel that you must eat something, then let’s make it healthy.
Rather than going cold turkey, this is the easiest solution in my opinion.
You still satisfy your hunger craving, but you’re eating something much healthier.
Instead of cookies or candy, eat baby carrots or apple slices.
2. Drink water and then wait.
Sometimes, we create a habit and don’t even realize it, like eating a candy bar every day at 3 pm.
You’ve gotten so used to eating a sugary snack at this time every day that your body believes it’s actually hungry.
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to eat every 3 hours. The human body can go long periods of time without food.
When that afternoon craving hits you, try drinking some water and then wait 5 minutes. Sometimes, that craving will just pass if you’re patient enough and maybe all you needed was to hydrate.
3. Go cold turkey and remove all traces of unhealthy food.
This is a bit more extreme, but certainly worthwhile.
Basically, if that unhealthy food is around, you’ll eat it.
When you remove the unhealthy food from your home or office, then you just won’t have that option anymore.
Out of sight, out of mind as the old saying goes.
If you can’t seem to get your cravings under control, which one of these ideas can you use to make changes? I’d love to know!