I want to talk about time. It’s not just that it’s on my brain lately – it’s mostly that understanding time is super-important to managing your healthy lifestyle, which takes a little bit of time.

Now, I’m not suggesting you take up permanent residence at the gym. You can incorporate more movement into your daily life in lots of ways. The key is to make a fitness plan and stick to it.

Here’s how:

  • Choose convenience. Find a plan that works with your schedule.
  • Work out with a friend or your significant other.
  • Treat your workout time like any scheduled appointment. You wouldn’t casually blow off a doctor’s appointment. Give exercise the same importance.
  • Choose something fun. Studies (and common sense) tell us that people are more likely to make time for fitness when it’s something they enjoy.
  • Forget about how you look and focus on how exercise makes you feel better – and live longer.

I am here to help, so talk to me about finding the time to take care of yourself. What’s more important than that?

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