Before we talk about how to look toned, you first need to understand it.
When a muscle is “toned” it is in a passive partially contracted state at rest. Basically, your muscle is flexing a bit even when you’re not doing anything.
Okay, so how do you get your muscles to look toned all of the time?
There are two things that must happen:
1. Reduce body fat to see the muscles.
2. Add a little bit more muscle to your body.
Reducing body fat is done by improving your nutrition, so that you take in the right amount of calories. Also, you must stick with a regular exercise program, so that you continuously burn calories.
In order to add a little muscle to your body, YOU MUST PERFORM RESISTANCE EXERCISES.
If you perform resistance exercise, like weight lifting, you don’t have to worry about bulking up and looking like the Incredible Hulk.
That is a common misconception about weight lifting. It takes years of gut busting effort to add considerable size to anyone, so stop worrying about it.
You know what weight lifting does do? It empowers you. Not only does it give you strength and a hot bod, it also gives you confidence and swagger.
Confidence to wear a bathing suit.
Confidence to wear a sleeveless shirt.
Confidence to go shopping for new clothes.
Confidence to be naked in front of a mirror or your significant other.
This is why my clients see results when they join my kettlebell programs and do the workouts that I plan for them.
Every exercise, every workout requires you to engage and contract all of your muscle groups.
When you continuously contract your muscles during your kettlebell workouts week after week you get stronger and your muscles develop tone.
By following a regular program you will naturally tone your muscles.
Let me know how this sits with you.