Here’s why focusing on your strength will produce better results for weight loss.
Fixating on your scale can be discouraging at times. Some people may not see any change from day to day or week to week.
When you don’t see any change taking place, that can be a big let down and you’ll start to question if all of your hard work is even worth it.
This is where some people give up on their fitness because they’ve placed so much emphasis on what the scale says.
In my 16 years of experience as a personal trainer, I’ve noticed that my clients have an easier time sticking to their workout program when they see results.
Their hard work is validated because they are seeing changes.
The more I get my clients to focus on improving their form and strength, the more likely they are to stick with their program. Ultimately, they will lose weight if they stick to it.
It’s so much easier and faster to see results when it comes to your strength, which is what you need to keep coming back for more workouts.
It’s easy to go up to the next kettlebell for your deadlift, add another pushup or do 5 more kettlebell swings.
You can accomplish all of these things in a week! Imagine adding a few more reps to each workout, how good would that feel? Pretty awesome I would imagine.
You can make even faster progress with your form. With the right coach, you can improve your form in just one workout! Imagine how good it will feel to actually feel your glutes working in your swing rather than your lower back.
It’s the small wins workout-to-workout that keep us motivated and coming back for more.
Over time those small wins add up to changes in your body and on the scale.
If you’re struggling to see results and you dread stepping on scale, switch your focus to getting stronger and using better form. Add another rep, go up in weight, cut down your rest.
You’ll immediately feel better because improvements are happening faster.
Let me know how this sits with you 🙂