If you’re a busy guy who’s been making excuses for not getting into shape, then it’s time to address your excuses.
Here’s what I mean…
Think of all the reasons why you’re not working out or eating healthier.
Some of those reasons may be valid, but I’m guessing most of them are just excuses.
Let’s take working out for example…
If you know you should be working out, but commit to it, then here’s what to do.
Ask yourself, “why?” “Why am I not working out, what’s my excuse?”
Maybe the answer is you don’t have time for it.
Again, ask yourself, “why don’t I have time for it?”
Are you watching 4 hours of TV every day?
Are you hitting the snooze button every morning?
Again, ask yourself, “why?” “Why am I hitting the snooze button every morning?”
Are you staying up too late? Are you drinking too much?
Keep asking yourself “why” until you get to the root of your problem.
This may take several “why’s”, but if you’re willing to do a little soul searching you’ll find the answer.
The next step is to create a plan of action to address your problem.
1. Stop drinking a 6-pack every night.
2. Get up early
3. Workout
Simple in theory, but challenging to do.
Start by addressing your excuses and asking yourself “why”.
Once you figure out your “why”, then make a plan and solve your problem.
If you need a swift kick in the a**, then send me a message and together we can figure out your “why” and then find a solution.