“I like the simplicity of kettlebell training. I didn’t want a whole lot of new exercises, didn’t want to carry around a “book” of workouts.”

This is a quote from one of my online kettlebell clients.

Often times we think more is better.

More exercises, more reps, more equipment.

More is just more.

Fewer movements done well will create long lasting results and serious strength.

To get stronger and see improvement you have to master a few basic kettlebell exercises and do them consistently.

If you jump from program to program, then you’ll never know if what you’re doing is working.

Find a mode of exercise that you enjoy and then get really good at those exercises.

My clients and I love kettlebells.

We love how they give us freakish strength.

We love how they allow us to get cardio in without running.

We love how the workouts are total body and make us stronger mentally.

We love how they make every other physical activity easier.

I’ve been swinging kettlebells for a decade and I never get bored even though I constantly work the same movements over and over again.

In my pursuit of mastery I’ve been able to maintain a lean, athletic physique without having to lift weights 6 days a week.

I can still eat pizza and cookies and go to wineries and drink a bottle of wine.

This is the beauty of kettlebell training:

– Simplicity
– Time Efficient
– Results that you can see and feel
– Strength that doesn’t quite

If you’ve got a kettlebell and you need something simple, download my FREE 5-Day Kettlebell Workout Plan by clicking here.

There are only 5 kettlebell exercises plus a few bodyweight exercises, that’s it!

Simple but not easy.