I can’t stand when personal trainers give their clients kettlebell exercises even though those trainers aren’t certified kettlebell instructors.
What usually happens is that the client will do the exercise wrong and hurt themselves.
The client gets screwed because they don’t get the full benefit of the exercise nor do they understand why they’re doing it.
Saying, “because it’s a good challenge” isn’t a valid reason for having your client do an exercise.
What muscle groups and movements patterns is it working? Is it addressing an imbalance? Is the goal power production, strength or endurance?
Unqualified trainers don’t think about these things. Instead, they just give their clients a “challenging” exercise because they think pushing their clients harder and harder is the solution.
The end result is the client straining a muscle, hurting their lower back or neck and then associating kettlebells with pain and injury.
Look, here’s the truth about kettlebells.
1. They can fix imbalances and weaknesses.
Kettlebells can improve posture and strengthen each side of the body individually when done right. A qualified trainer will know when to use certain kettlebell exercises and more importantly when NOT to use certain exercises.
2. They can get you out of pain.
When you learn proper form from a certified kettlebell instructor you’ll learn how to use the strongest muscles in your body to protect vulnerable areas like your neck and lower back. The more you strengthen the proper muscles and use the right form, the more you’ll alleviate pain because those vulnerable areas won’t have to work as hard.
3. They can increase your strength and muscular endurance at the same time.
The beauty of properly learning different kettlebell exercises is that your body is exposed to movements that require explosive power, brute strength, endurance and flexibility. A certified kettlebell instructor knows how to put together a sensible workout plan that addresses all of these qualities.
4. They strengthen your core without having to do hundreds of crunches or 5-minute plank challenges.
A proper kettlebell instructor will teach you how to engage your core through breathing and tension drills and then show you how to use those drills in every kettlebell exercise, so that you’re always using your core.
5. They replace an entire gym.
A logical kettlebell workout plan only requires one kettlebell. It’s the knowledge that’s most important. Once you learn this knowledge from a certified kettlebell instructor, you’ll know exactly how to get great total body workouts with less equipment and in less time.
I’ve spent the last decade honing my kettlebell skills, which means performing the movements in my workouts and teaching others. I eat, sleep and breathe kettlebells and I have the certifications and experience to back it up.
I would love to hear how my rant sits with you 😃