Advanced Kettlebell Workout Programs

The RJ Kettlebell Club is an advanced program that helps my clients get stronger, build lean muscle and shed body fat, so that they still feel young year after year.

Here are 3 powerful benefits to advanced kettlebell workouts…

But wait, there’s more!

Combined with a logical workout plan, you’ll immediately find yourself getting stronger.

The more you follow a tested plan, the more you’ll progress your strength and endurance without fear of injury.

This program is a combination of expertly designed workouts and live weekly Zoom calls. Please watch this video to learn more about this program.

So, just as a recap of everything you’re going to receive…

Client Testimonials

happy clients

Scott Is Leaner & Keeping Up With His Son’s Tennis Game

“I have worked with Ryan for several years and have been very focused on kettlebell training. This workout really gets results – I’m leaner and can more than keep up with my son’s growing tennis game. It is not a “quick fix”; this is the type of workout that can last forever and continue to get results.

Ryan is one of the few experts in this area and this is the type of kettlebell program that you really can’t learn on your own. You need a coach. If you want to invest in results, Ryan will get you there. I highly recommend his online kettlebell programs and Ryan is the best.”

– Scott, 53 years old, San Diego, CA
happy clients

Salomon Sees Gains in Strength, Endurance & Muscle Definition

“At the time I met Ryan, I was a novice getting by on YouTube videos. But when I started experiencing back pain, I knew there were issues with my form and my desire to keep going with kettlebells compelled me to seek professional help.

Within a day of emailing Ryan, he responded, and we talked on the phone a day later. Ryan’s expertise was critical in correcting form issues, which led to alleviating pain. More importantly, I was introduced to a variety of different kettlebell routines that prevented the workouts from getting stale. It’s been five months since I’ve been working with Ryan online and my enthusiasm for kettlebell workouts continues to rise.

Thanks to his online routines I’ve seen personal gains in strength, endurance and muscle definition. I look forward to continuing my work with Ryan and would recommend him to anyone looking for an affable fitness professional.”

– Salomon, 39 years old, Fairfax, VA