Advanced Kettlebell Workout Programs

The difference between feeling stuck and getting into better shape comes down to following the right plan + support.

I’ll take care of planning your exercises, reps, and sets, so you don’t have to. And I’ll show you how to improve your form for even the most challenging exercises like Turkish Getups and Snatches.

Trying to do it by yourself is frustrating and time consuming.

Do you know each step of the Turkish Getup? Do you know how to put together complexes and chains? Is your kettlebell banging your forearms during Cleans and Snatches?

My client, Salomon, wanted to lose weight and get stronger. But he was experiencing back pain trying to figure out the right form by watching videos online.

When he realized he couldn’t fix his form or get into better shape on his own he scheduled some time to chat with me.

Salomon joined my Advanced Kettlebell Program and immediately got rid of his back pain because we worked on improving his form.

He got stronger, improved his stamina, and lost weight! He achieved these goals by following the workouts I designed for him.

Do you want results like Salomon? If so, here’s how we can work together…

After teaching adults’ kettlebells for a decade, I’ve noticed most people don’t know where to start and how to use the right form. My program is different because we work on using the right form and perform workouts that deliver results without beating you up – unlike other programs that don’t provide any guidance and just make you so exhausted and sore.

The reason you need to do this now is because I only accept a limited number of qualified men and women into this program. If you want your spot, click here to schedule your free discovery call with me right now.

Client Testimonials

happy clients

Scott Is Leaner & Keeping Up With His Son’s Tennis Game

“I have worked with Ryan for several years and have been very focused on kettlebell training. This workout really gets results – I’m leaner and can more than keep up with my son’s growing tennis game. It is not a “quick fix”; this is the type of workout that can last forever and continue to get results.

Ryan is one of the few experts in this area and this is the type of kettlebell program that you really can’t learn on your own. You need a coach. If you want to invest in results, Ryan will get you there. I highly recommend his online kettlebell programs and Ryan is the best.”

– Scott, 53 years old, San Diego, CA
happy clients

Salomon Sees Gains in Strength, Endurance & Muscle Definition

“At the time I met Ryan, I was a novice getting by on YouTube videos. But when I started experiencing back pain, I knew there were issues with my form and my desire to keep going with kettlebells compelled me to seek professional help.

Within a day of emailing Ryan, he responded, and we talked on the phone a day later. Ryan’s expertise was critical in correcting form issues, which led to alleviating pain. More importantly, I was introduced to a variety of different kettlebell routines that prevented the workouts from getting stale. It’s been five months since I’ve been working with Ryan online and my enthusiasm for kettlebell workouts continues to rise.

Thanks to his online routines I’ve seen personal gains in strength, endurance and muscle definition. I look forward to continuing my work with Ryan and would recommend him to anyone looking for an affable fitness professional.”

– Salomon, 39 years old, Fairfax, VA