Having spent 15 years working in health and wellness, I’ve seen a lot of people succeed and a lot of people fail when it comes to their health.

One of the top reasons I see people fail to even start is that “it’s too expensive.”

Whether they’re talking about healthy foods or my coaching services, it seems people put a serious price tag on their health.

And I gotta talk about that today.

If you’ve ever said “it’s too expensive” when it comes to improving your health, this is for you…

Walking is free.

Healthy food is often cheaper that fast food – especially if you’re incorporating things like chicken, green vegetables, and even frozen produce.

And coaching services like what I do?

Of course, they’re pricier than a Planet Fitness membership.

But people work with me when they want to get real results, to change their lives.

And those who are going to be successful both long and short term, know that their own health is the best investment they can make.

Because if you’re not healthy you can’t enjoy anything else that money can buy either.

So, what’s your health worth to you?

What’s being vibrant and active vs couch/bedridden worth when you’re old?

What’s it worth to be fully present and energized for your kids and grandkids?

What’s it worth to feel confident each day of your life?

Can you put a price on living a life where you’re medication and ailment free?

No matter your age, you need to consider these things NOW.

There’s nothing more important to invest in.

And sadly, most people don’t realize until there’s a problem that they wish they’d done something about years ago.

So, I want to encourage you to be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE when it comes to your health.

Never, ever price shop the most important thing you’ve got.

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