Remember eating frosted flakes for breakfast as a kid, drinking juice throughout the day, and looking forward to dessert after dinner?

Our parents weren’t negligent. The general public just didn’t know much about the dangers of too much sugar back then.

But now, medicine tells us just how bad it can be for our health, including our common struggle with obesity. Knowledge doesn’t always equal the right action either. We know a lot more now about the negative effects of sugar but we’re eating more than ever.

You know it contributes to weight problems. But did you know that too much sugar does a bunch of other nasty stuff, too, like…

  • It causes us to crave more of it.
  • It contributes to Type 2 diabetes.
  • It can get our mood racing – and then crashing.
  • It’s bad for our teeth…
  • … and our organs, including the heart.

So, maybe instead of chocolates this year for Valentine’s Day, let’s get creative and show our love in a different way. 🙂

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