This infuriates me about the health and fitness industry… 🤬
I can’t stand when supposed “health coaches” (and I use that term loosely) sell people CLEANSES.
Cleanses are a waste of money and sometimes dangerous.
They may deliver short-term results, but they don’t teach you how to improve your nutrition long term.
You initially feel good because you’ve stopped eating the crap you call food.
What happens when the “cleanse” is over? Do you go right back to your unhealthy habits and gain the weight back you temporarily lost?
Drinking juice and taking supplements are not an acceptable solution. People who claim that these methods work don’t have any actual scientific data to backup their claims.
Here’s the truth…
You don’t ever need to do a cleanse because your body does it naturally every day.
Your liver detoxifies your blood and removes toxins.
Your kidneys filter your blood and remove waste.
Your skin, intestines, spleen and lymphatic system also cleanse your body.
If you want to get into better shape and improve your health, then take a look at the foods you’re eating first.
Are you drinking enough water?
Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables?
Are you eating lean sources of protein and healthy sources of fat?
There’s no need to fall prey to the most popular “cleanse” people are talking about. Don’t waste money on that garbage when your body is already doing it for you.
Educate yourself on proper nutrition because that will serve you for the rest of your life.
I’d love to know how this sits with you… 😁