This first one may surprise you…
1. The Deadlift
Some people may have thought I would have said the Kettlebell Swing, but here’s why the Deadlift is vital.
The Deadlift sets the foundation for the Swing.
If you can’t pick up a heavy kettlebell with good form slowly, then you probably won’t be able to move a heavy kettlebell quickly with good form.
The more you slow down the Deadlift, the more you’ll be able to listen to your body and figure which muscles should be doing the heavy lifting.
Not only does the Deadlift set the foundation for the Swing, but it also teaches you how to pick up heavy objects from the ground like kids, bags of mulch, grocery bags and trash cans.
2. The Kettlebell Swing
Here’s where we get to have some fun and elevate your heart rate without pounding your joints.
Kettlebell Swings are pure interval training, which studies have shown to be very effective for fat loss.
The Kettlebell Swing is also a total body exercise, so it’s really time efficient. All of your muscles have to work together to properly swing a kettlebell.
This exercise also positions you to learn more advanced kettlebell exercises
like 1-Arm Swings, Cleans and Snatches.
3. Kettlebell Goblet Squats
Whether you realize it or not, you squat all day long. Anytime you sit down
on a chair, couch and toilet you’re squatting.
So, if you’re sitting and standing all the time, you might as well be good at it.
The Goblet Squat strengthens your lower body, which improves your ability to sit and stand, so even as you age you won’t have any trouble getting up and down.
Another benefit of the Goblet Squat is that you must hold a kettlebell in front of your body. Holding a kettlebell in this way engages your arms, shoulders, upper back and abs, which really makes it a total body exercise.
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