Sometimes I dread working out too…😕
Do you ever feel this way about working out?
This morning I just wasn’t amped up like I usually am when I started my kettlebell workout.
I usually look forward to my workouts and I like feeling out of breath and in tune with my body.
I wasn’t sure why, but I just wasn’t feeling it.
It wasn’t until half way through my workout when I decided to try something new.
I decided to smile while doing Kettlebell Snatches.
Wow! What a difference.
My workout didn’t feel like a chore and I instantly got a burst of energy.
I suppose changing my facial expression from a grimace to a smile altered my emotions and energy.
I stopped dreading my workout and starting enjoying it.
I think this is a lesson for life too. When things suck, just smile and see what happens.
I would love for you to try this little experiment and report back to me.
The next time you’re dreading a workout or you’re not feeling it while you’re in the middle of it, just smile and see what happens.