Working out with kettlebells and following the right plan can create the appropriate changes to your body and save you time each week.
Each kettlebell exercise requires your entire body to work together as one coordinated unit, which results in more calories burned and greater strength in a fraction of the time compared to other workout programs.
Two of my favorite advanced exercises that my clients often have programmed in their workouts are the Kettlebell Clean and Turkish Getup.
The Clean uses all of your pulling muscles (hamstrings, forearms, biceps, upper back), so it’s very efficient.
It’s an explosive exercise, which really elevates your heart rate without having to jump or run.
It also sets you up to do other exercises like Overhead Presses and Front Squats, so it’s important for adding more variety to your workouts.
On the flip side, the Turkish Getup uses all of your pushing muscles (quads, shoulders, triceps and chest to a small degree), so it’s really efficient.
The Getup is a slow exercise, which requires patience and helps with your mind body connection.
It will also prolong your life! Studies have shown that older adults who can get up off the floor easily live longer than older adults who can’t get off the ground on their own.
The Getup teaches you how to get up off the floor while building total body strength.
The Clean and Turkish Getup are perfect complements to each other and taking the time to master them will pay off and make you more fit.
The more time you spend on improving your form, the more strength you’ll gain without fear of injury.
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