People who want to lose weight spend way too much money on supplements and diets that promise to help you “trim your waistline” or “carve out your six pack”.
These supplements and diets either restrict your calories, which make you hangry, or have you consume artificial “foods” that taste like cardboard.
It’s my mission to educate people on what it really takes to lose weight…. naturally.
The #1 thing you can do is eat more vegetables.
Specifically, replace/substitute foods like bread, pasta, cereal and rice with vegetables.
Veggies are lower in calories, have ZERO fat and ZERO sugar.
Veggies also contain a ton of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to fight illness, recover from workouts, support your nervous system and give you natural energy.
Here are the numbers:
One pound of pasta has 600 calories, while one pound of broccoli has 150 calories.
Hmmm. Same amount of food, but pasta has 3X the number of calories!
Imagine how great you’ll feel when you start eating more veggies.
You won’t have to starve yourself or take gross supplements.
In addition to being super healthy for you, veggies are easy to cook and prepare and they’re cheaper than buying whatever potion you’re drinking from that “vitamin” shop in your neighborhood.
If you’re having trouble losing weight, look at the food you’re eating before you turn toward shakes and start “dieting”.
Let me know if this message resonates with you.