Even if you’re generally a Scrooge, it’s hard to not be affected by the holiday buzz – at least some of the shopping, socializing, planning, and disruptions to your schedule.
In fact, between work, kids, spouses, family and friends, you just don’t have time to exercise and eat right.
We get it.
Sure, we do.
So, go ahead and blow it off a few times a week in November. Let it slide as we head into December. By the New Year, you’ll have one long list of resolutions!
Look, if you’re looking for excuses, you can find them any time of year. But if you’re really committed to healthy habits, then you’ve got to incorporate them into your daily life every day of every month– oh, like, you know … BRUSHING YOUR TEETH.
Do you stop BRUSHING YOUR TEETH because you’re stressed out with the holidays? Or because making travel plans this year is harder than ever? Or because the kids are still in at-home school or will be released on break soon?
No. You do not stop BRUSHING YOUR TEETH. At all. Ever.
That’s why it’s called a “daily habit.”
You need to be that committed to staying healthy, especially during these coming weeks. Follow your diet and exercise plan.
Manage stress. Get enough rest. Hydrate. EVERY DAY.
All that other stuff can wait. Your health simply can’t.
If you want a shorter list of resolutions as we move into 2021, I got you.
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The more that’s planned for you the more time you’ll have to devote to the holidays. I’ll easily show you how to make small changes to your diet, so you start to feel better and gain more natural energy.
You’ll enjoy these powerful workouts 3 days a week. They are very time efficient and you might begin to realize that committing to a workout routine is pretty easy.
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